Shocking Candy Bar Shocking Candy Bar

Try to pick up this tempting chocolate bar and the victim gets a powerful ZAP!
Shocking Cell Phone Shocking Cell Phone

The Shocking Cell Phone looks just like the real thing! If you have to lend your phone out to a stranger, this is a great trick. When they go to grab it, they'll be shocked---literally!
Shocking Flip Top Lighter Shocking Flip Top Lighter

Someone bugging you for a lighter again? Why can't they just buy their own? Well, this will be the last time they ask YOU for a lighter because once they get their hands on this shocking lighter, they'll get zapped instead of a light!
Shocking Lighter Shocking Lighter

This prank lighter looks like a fancy Zippo brand lighter! The next time someone asks you for a light, they'll get a ZAP!
Shocking Stapler Shocking Stapler

Office work will never be the same again! It looks like a normal stapler, but when your victim swipes this one, they'll get a big zap when the try to use it!
Shocking Playing Cards Shocking Playing Cards

The Shocking Playing Cards look just like the real thing! At your next game of poker, tell your friends you'll supply the deck. When they go to touch it, they'll be SHOCKED---literally!
Popaputt Popaputt

Slip the spring-loaded Pop-A-Putt into the cup when they're not looking. Then watch the shock on their faces when the ball jumps right back out of the hole!
Shock Book Joke Book Version Shock Book Joke Book Version

Have you heard the buzz about this new joke book? It delivers a powerful but harmless shock when it's picked up. Great gag. Fool your friends. Leave on your coffee table and wait for the telltale screech, then laughter.
Shock Remote Control Shock Remote Control

Looks just like a universal TV Remote Control. When someone tries to turn it on, zap, they get a real shock!
Shock Stack Of Quarters Shock Stack Of Quarters

Next time one of your friends reaches for your stack of (mostly real) quarters, they'll get quite a shock. A harmless but powerful zap goes through their fingers but sends an important message to their brain: Keep your mitts off my money! Perfect for drin